7 ways to show your car some love

Give your car some love this Valentine’s Day…and every other day!

Your car is with you in the good times and bad. They put up with your singing and rarely complain, even after we slam the brakes and beep the horn. If anyone deserves to be spoiled this Valentine’s Day, it’s your car. Below are some small ways to show your vehicle how much you care.

Car detailing

Treat your car to professional detailing
Show some love and detail your car to protect the interior and the paint job. Washing and waxing your car will maintain the colour of the paint job and protect it against UV rays and other corrosive elements such as salt, rain, dirt and bird droppings.

Get covers
Protect your seats from stains, dust, accidental spills and general wear and tear.

Clean out the junk
If you can, try to travel as light as possible. Keep only the most important items in your boot, such as a driver’s safety kit, jumper cables, a small toolset and jack. Don’t use your car to store your gear. It will only add unnecessary weight, which in turn could increase fuel consumption.

Car tyre

Check your tyres
Tyres lose air gradually and it can be easy to forget about them. However, under-inflated tyres can wear faster and increase your car’s drag, which could increase fuel consumption. Refer to your car’s manual for the recommended tyre pressure for your car. Correctly inflated tyres will last longer, are safer on the road and could improve your fuel economy. Don’t forget to also check your spare tyre!

Check the condition of your tyres
The legal minimum tread depth in Australia is 1.5mm and we recommend replacing your tyres before they wear this far. Balding or bald tyres can increase the distance it takes your car to stop, reduces your grip levels on the road and increases the risk of sliding in wet conditions.

Check your wheel alignment
It’s also a good idea to ensure your wheels are aligned. Getting a wheel alignment could help increase fuel efficiency and reduces suspension wear. It could also help increase the life of your tyres.

Replace your wiper blades
If your wiper blades aren’t cleaning your windscreen properly, or if they’re dry, cracked or split, consider replacing them. It’s a quick maintenance option that can increase your visibility in the rain, help you drive safely and protect your glass from scratching.

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