Save on motoring costs

It’s in your control

Are rising costs feeling out of your control? Lettuce help!

Novated leasing is a certain way to lower your cost of motoring expenses, AND help you drive down your tax. Check out the below infographic to find out how.

But first… discover budgeting certainty

Help combat the surprise sting of increased household item costs. A novated lease will provide certainty with only one predictable amount to budget for. Your motoring expenses are combined into one set regular payment that is deducted from your salary – so you won’t even have to think about it.

Lowering motoring costs

See how you could save

Find out more about how it all works with our short videos.

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*For 2022–23, the ATO stipulates the maximum GST credit you can claim is $5,885.

All reasonable care has been taken in preparing these materials; however, SG Fleet Group provides no warranties and makes no representation that the information provided is appropriate for your particular circumstances or indicates you should follow a particular course of action.

Independent advice - prior to entering a novated lease arrangement, you should seek independent qualified financial advice as the complexities of a novated lease could have a significant impact on your financial situation.