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Cars flaunting the hottest new styles

Sometimes it is about what’s on the outside. After all, a car’s exterior design makes an instant yet lasting impact.

Here are 10 models that are making waves in the style stakes. Plus, we compare trending body types to help find what suits you.

Round cars

Renault Captur

The French carmaker’s smallest and most affordable vehicle makes a bold statement for a light SUV.
Featuring: muscled shoulders, sculpted sides, striking two-tone body colours~.

Kia EV6

(not pictured)

Sleek. Futuristic. Intuitive. Kia’s fully-electric crossover SUV embodies the brand’s new design philoshopy, taking inspiration from nature and humanity.
Featuring: curved LED taillight, flush + automatic pop-out door handles.

Citroen C3

The popular compact city hatch boasts a redesigned front-end inspired by SUVs.
Featuring: 3D-effect wheels, customisable body colours, unique side Airbumps with three cushioned capsules for protection and flair.

Cupra Formentor

Part hot hatch, part mid-size SUV, the sporty Spanish Formentor defies classification – especially in the design department.
Featuring: hunkered rear haunches, attention-grabbing front grille.

Feeling the appeal?

Work the angles

Polestar 2

Once part of Volvo’s racing division, the offshoot has released its fully-electric Polestar 2.
Featuring: sleek frameless mirrors, 20-inch forged alloy wheels# and a panoramic roof made of tinted, laminated glass.

Nissan Z

The just-launched Z sports a fresh yet retro exterior.
Featuring: long hood/short deck, sharp roofline, silver accent alongside the roofline inspired by the Samurai Katana sword, honouring the Z’s Japanese roots.

Subaru WRX

The all-new WRX has landed in Australia sporting a redesigned aerodynamic silhouette with striking design cues.
Featuring: iconic bonnet scoop, striking LED ‘switchback’ headlights, distinctive wheel arches.

BMW 2 Series Coupé

(not pictured)

The three-box design of the 2 Series combines compact coupé tradition with contemporary styling.
Featuring: broad stance, triangular shapes and diagonal lines.

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Baby got back

MINI Clubman

You may not think it, but this little city slicker has a very generous 360-litre boot, which can extend to a whopping 1,250 litres. The model’s iconic barn doors make getting larger objects out of the boot a breeze. And with the smart-opener function, the doors open automatically with a foot-activated motion sensor under the rear bumper.

Polestar 2 / Hyundai Sonata

We know we mentioned the Polestar earlier – and Kia’s EV6 and Cupra’s Formentor – but they also deserve a call-out here for their distinctive coast-to-coast rear lighting.

Likewise, the curved LED taillight trend can be seen on the new-look Hyundai Sonata N Line sedan, which will let everyone know you’ve arrived.

Seeking a beaut boot?

A quick comparison of body styles

‘Coupé-back’ vs regular sedans and SUVs

‘Coupé-back’ vs regular sedans and SUVs

The coupé-back body type is winning over many Aussie drivers at the moment, in large part due to its sporty road appeal. However, one will generally be sacrificing cargo space and rear-seat room compared to a more traditional silhouette, so it comes down to what’s more of a priority for your needs.

Compact SUVs vs hatchbacks

Compact SUVs vs hatchbacks

Compact SUVs have been outselling similarly-priced hatchbacks for a while now. It’s true that compact SUVs typically provide more practicality in terms of cabin and luggage space, as well as a higher ground clearance, giving drivers a better view of the road. Hatchbacks, however, are generally cheaper, boast lower running costs and due to their lower centre of gravity tend to have better handling.

‘Sportswagons’ vs SUVs

‘Sportswagons’ vs SUVs

In recent years we’ve seen the rise of ‘sportswagons’, and as the name would suggest they fuse wagon flexibility with SUV-like athleticism. As they’re sedan-based, they tend to be lower to the ground than their SUVs counterparts. A sportswagon is usually lighter than a similarly-sized SUV, which tends to mean better fuel economy and lower servicing costs. Typically, sportswagons don’t offer as much capability off-road as SUVs, although models such as the Subaru WRX, equipped with All-Wheel Drive, are challenging this perception.

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~One-tone paint standard on Life, optional on Zen & Intens. Two-tone paint standard on Zen, Intens & R.S. Line, optional on Life.
#Available with the Performance pack.
†Available with the Plus pack.