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Top tech features in today's cars

May the 4th Be With You… We’re celebrating International Star Wars Day with a look at some of the most technologically-advanced features on cars that you can drive today.

Heads-up Display

Get a view you’d expect to see from the cockpit of a starfighter for the Rebel Alliance. Heads-up Display (HUD) technology projects key driving information directly onto your windscreen, within your line of sight, for easy reference while on the move.

A truly futuristic driving experience, you can see your driving speed, blind spot information, speed limit and even turn-by-turn guidance as you drive, without taking your eyes off the road.

HUD is becoming increasingly popular and is currently available on many high model grades across the Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Mazda ranges (where it is called Active Driving Display). HUD is also widely available on mid-to-high spec models across the BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi ranges.

Traffic safety

Traffic Sign Recognition

As the name suggests, this technology uses a forward-facing camera to detect traffic signs like stop, no entry and speed limit signs.

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) is currently available on many makes and models, including the latest Mitsubishi Outlander, Hyundai Palisade, Subaru Outback, many current Mazda models from Mazda2 to Mazda BT-50, and across the Audi range.

If your vehicle also features a Heads-Up Display, with TSR you’ll experience traffic sign information projected onto your line of sight on your windscreen, too.

Automatic Tailgate

Like the futuristic doors of a Starship, the tailgate on the Mitsubishi Outlander opens and closes automatically. Wave your foot under the rear bumper and it will carefully open to a garage-door and low-ceiling friendly height.

Hyundai Palisade

Blind Spot View Monitor

Don’t let a rogue Stormtrooper sneak up on you. The new Blind Spot View Monitor (BVM) in the Hyundai Palisade gives you a video feed of your left and right blind spots when you flip on the indicator, so you can see immediately if there’s anything unfriendly – like a TIE fighter – on your wing.

Quiet Mode and Driver Talk

Travelling through hyperspace with a clan of Ewoks onboard can get noisy. The 8-seat Hyundai Palisade features Quiet Mode, which mutes the rear speakers so the rest of the family can enjoy a quiet ride (or sleep) while the front row enjoys music.

The Driver Talk function also makes it easy to communicate with the third row of this lengthy vehicle. Exclusive to the Hyundai Palisade, this new technology projects the driver’s voice through the rear speakers. Features for the family of the future.

Wireless Charging Pad

Feel the force as it charges your smartphone! You’ll now find the ultra-convenience of a wireless charging pad for your devices in many top-spec vehicles, including the Hyundai Palisade, Mazda CX-9 GT, and many Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz models.

Kia interior

Remote Smart Parking Assist

Every Star Wars fan wishes they could harness the power of the Force – and Remote Smart Parking Assist in the Kia Sportage Diesel GT-Line gets you pretty close. With Remote Smart Parking Assist, you can remotely move your vehicle forward or backward via your smart key, to manoeuvre in and out of tight parking spots and garages – while you’re outside the vehicle.

The light side of the force

The Kia Sportage GT-Line lets you create your own light scape within the vehicle. No special effects here – just 64 LED colour options that you control from the cabin. Light-saber green, anyone?

Gesture Control

Imagine swiping your hand through the air to control the world around you! Harness your inner Jedi using Gesture Control in your VW. This truly interactive feature enables you to browse through your Volkswagen’s various menus, navigate through radio stations, songs and more with nothing more than just a mid-air swipe of your hand.

Available with the Discover Pro Display on T-Roc, Golf, Polo Style, Tiguan, Toureg models and more.

On-board modem

On-board Modem

Both Ford and Audi have taken the next step in the future of vehicle connectivity. FordPass Connect, available in current Ford model ranges, features an embedded modem which allows you to connect with your vehicle through an app on your smartphone, so you can check your vehicle’s status, start the engine remotely, find your vehicle in a carpark, and much more.

Audi Connect Plus takes this connectivity even further. The vehicle is connected to the internet via its own sim, allowing a host of useful features such as Google maps integration for brilliant navigation and easy ways to find the real-time info you need while you’re on the move. Combined with the myAudi app on your smartphone, you’re always connected to your car.

Explore the galaxy, with the latest car tech

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